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Regular Work ( a series of 10 paintings) & New Build (sculpture)
Goldsmiths MFA Exhibition

Regular Work, derives its title from a number of sources: its formal characteristics (all paintings are the same size and shape, all contain areas of bare linen, all images touch the bottom edge of the canvas); the rhythmic pattern of production (each painting was conceived and executed in a single working day); and the consistant approach to paint application (no overpainting or erasure of paint). The term 'regular' also suggests something everyday or ordinary, a term rarely associated with painting practices. The guidelines that were formulated in the execution of this work results in 10 individual images which seem to of come from the same source, each is distinct but also just a variation of its neighbour. Due to the 'one shot' approach to painting in these works, there are inevitable failures, so approximately two in every three paintings were discarded and not shown. Some of the works are derived from photographic sources, some are made with no conscious source in mind.

New Build was initially devised to sit alongside these paintings, though it was intended to (and has subsequently gone on to) be shown apart from them. The formal similarities between the two are clear, in each the paint is framed by the neutral tones of bare linen or cast concrete. Just as the paintings depict what appear to be sculptures or objects with a faux sense of depth, so the sculpture co-opts painting in the reflective coloured faces. Taking its title from the term for recently constructed architectural projects (often used as a derogatory term for new domestic architecture) the work utilises building materials and the formal familiarity of a facade. The small scale of this work is at odds with the suggestion of monothylic or symbolic intention. Despite the bright colour palette, these works were conceived and installed so as to retain a visual quietness.
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