Children are a blank slate. They are someone new to us and their brain does not function as well as the adult brain does because it is yet to develop and it is yet to learn new and informative things along the years. But, if you are a parent of a child then it would be your hard task to help your child learn something. As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach different things to your children; down to the basic up to the most difficult things to your child. Thus, they say that it is very hard to become a parent, thus, if you want to bring a child into this world, you should be ready for it and you should definitely see to it that you can take on this lifetime challenge that will be given unto you.  


For some, they make it look easy but parenting is a very hard job; harder than that of the engineers, doctors, teachers and other professionals. Because with the job of the professionals, they can leave when their duty hours are finished and all of their tasks are done but for parenting, you cannot leave and you cannot resign and it is something that you think about and consider in every choice that you are going to make. Thus, when you have children, you should make sure that you give the best to him or her; you teach the best to him or she and you provide everything that they need to live a comfortable life. There are many different things that you could introduce to them including basic household chores, hygiene activities, music of the word, heritage, arts in Brooklyn and many more.  

You might be curious about what does art do to your kids, well, arts play a huge role in the development of your kids and here, you are going to realize just that.  


Art is considered to be a neural activity because it can involve all of the senses of the child; the sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. As much as possible, you should encourage neural activities for your kids and see to it that their synapses create sparks and fires with what they are doing.  


When you start them off by giving them a chance to create their own art by scribbling and playing with colors and other art materials, you are giving them the chance to learn how to write faster. Scribbling or drawing are almost the same with writing, thus, they will not have a hard time learning how to write.  


Creativity is something that a child needs in his or her life. This will be such a useful tool that he or she could use even when they grow up. If your child is creative, he or she will be able to generate new and beautiful ideas out of nothing. This could only be possible through art in his or her early stages.  

Do not deprive your child about art because it is such a wonderful learning thing.